Ongoing Project 2019-2020
designed and supervised as independant architect
private client
Valais (Alps), Switzerland



The project takes place in an idyllic vineyard on the slopes of the Rhone Valley in the Alps. The plot is very steep (40%) and offres a sublime view on the mountains and a south orientation.

The design of the construction is based on two reference images given by the client. The 1st one displaying a house with an asymmetrical two slopes’ roof offering an elegant covered terrace. The second one showing a long kitchen-dining-living room with 4 large windows.


a few working references


As a result, the project proposes to organise the rooms acording to two rules :

– The main spaces are hosted under the larger slope of the roof, while the services areas take place under the shorter slope

– The programs at the street level are common, whereas the ones at the lower level are private.

The mains spaces are composed by the long kitchen-dining-living room as well as three very contemplative bedrooms. The building is surrounded by balconies, which enlarge on the west side, drawing the dreamt covered terrace of the client.



*Protected access to the plans


The project means to use mainly non-polluting and renewable materials. In this perspective, the structure is made out of wood covered by a wooden cladding, while the insulation will probably be out of wood-fiber. However, the sismic constraints of the area and the slope, forces us to use quite a lot of concrete for the foundations although this material will tend to be rare in the upcoming years.


calculated proof for thermical insulation



This very first project of mine allows me to develop my own conception of architecture and to learn a lot by doing.